Almost $ 60 million – that’s what a group is asking in a lawsuit following a devastating crane collapse in downtown Dallas.

The lawsuit filed in Dallas County on Tuesday accuses the crane company and its operator of negligence in the fatal collapse over the Elan City Lights apartment complex, according to documents received by NBC 5 on Thursday.

In this collapse on June 9, 2019, one woman was killed, five others injured and 500 residents left homeless and looking for new homes.

The insurance companies that represent Greystar Real Estate Partners and the Elan City Lights complex say in their lawsuit that insurance claims are pending and that they have already paid out $ 59.7 million to individuals and businesses affected by the breakdown.

The lawsuit states that the number may actually increase over the course of the payouts.

The crane operator, Bigge Crane and Rigging Company, was fined $ 26,000 by OSHA in December for saying the company did not inspect the crane for loose or loosened bolts and the manufacturer’s instructions on how to remove it rusty bolt not obeyed.

But even that did not shed any light on the causes of the fatal collapse. The crane operator released a statement a month after the crash said the cause of the collapse was high winds and not operator failure.

As far as we know, the exact cause of the crash that killed 29-year-old Kiersten Smith is still unclear, despite an investigation by OSHA. More than a dozen lawsuits have been filed in Dallas County since the crane collapsed.


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