Could the Dallas Cowboys win a Super Bowl with their current defense pieces? That’s it. That’s the tweet.

If you don’t believe this, you may fall into the crowd exhausted with the ability to use another premium pick on the offensive side of the ball.

Six first round talents between the offensive line, the rewind and the wide receivers seem that Dallas already has an abundance of fortunes on this side. Not to mention, they signed their quarterback on a deal that made him the second highest paid player in the NFL.

We know the overused phrase “defense wins championships”, but is that really the case? 20 of the 25 highest paid players are currently on the offensive side of the ball. So if there were rumors that former Florida tight end Kyle Pitts had become increasingly attractive to the cowboys, is it so far-fetched to keep adding a side of the ball that is heavily considered in this modern era?

Check out the last five Super Bowl games.

Attack // defense


  • Kansas City – 1st in yards … 6th in the scoring // 16th in yards allowed … 11th allowed in points.
  • Tampa Bay – 7th in yards … 3rd in the scoring // 6th in yards allowed … 8th allowed in points.


  • Kansas City – 6th in yards … 5th in the scoring // 17th allowed in yards … 7th allowed in points.
  • San Francisco – 4th in yards… 2nd in the scoring // 2nd allowed in yards..8 allowed in points


  • New England – 5th in yards … 4th in the scoring // 21st in yards allowed … 7th allowed in points
  • LA Rams – 2nd in yards … 2nd in the scoring // 19th allowed in yards … 20th allowed in points


  • Eagles – 7th in yards … 3rd in the scoring // 4th allowed in yards … 4th allowed in points
  • Patriots – 1st in yards. 2nd in the ranking // 29th allowed in yards … 5th allowed in points


  • Patriots – 4th in yards … 3rd in the scoring // 8th allowed in yards … 1st allowed in points
  • Falcons – 2nd in yards … 1st in the scoring // 25th allowed in yards … 27th allowed in points

Team defensive stats vary between teams, but the only constant has been the team’s ability to move the ball and score.

Look at the two years in which many believed Dallas had realistic Super Bowl ambitions (2014, 2016).

Attack // defense

  • 2016 – 5th in yards … 5th in the ranking // 14th in yards allowed … 5th in points allowed
  • 2014 – 7th in yards … 4th in the scoring // 19th in yards allowed … 15th in points allowed

When head coach Mike McCarthy was hired ahead of the 2020 season, one of the biggest selling points was his belief in analytics and statistics.

On the surface, it seems irresponsible to use another player with a high value for an offensive player. Especially if you witnessed this defensive firsthand last year.

Keep in mind, however, that Mike Nolan was replaced by Dan Quinn, who is known to coach the most dominant defense of the 2010s. Look at the draft of the capital spent on this unit:

  • DE, Michael Bennett – 7th round
  • DT, Tony McDaniel – Undrafted
  • DT, Brandon Mebane – 3rd round
  • DE, Cliff Avril – 3rd round
  • LB, Bruce Irvin – 1st round
  • LB, Bobby Wagner – 2nd round
  • LB, KJ Wright – 4th Round
  • CB, Richard Sherman – 5th round
  • CB, Brandon Browner – Undrafted
  • CB, Byron Maxwell – 6th round
  • FS, Earl Thomas – 1st round
  • SS, Kam Chancellor – 5th round

Two picks in the first round for a defense that should have consecutive Super Bowl titles. If Dallas chooses to make their first pick on offense, they have nine picks remaining (three within the top 100) to address on defense.

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