Let’s start by saying that the pitching rotation for this team in 2021 was a roller coaster ride. It seems this team is a hit or miss every night at this point in the season.

The only constant in this rotation is Kyle Gibson, who has been brilliant for this team so far. His performance for the team makes me think he could be Lance Lynn’s version of Lance Lynn for Texas Rangers in 2021?

Before everyone crucifies me for this attitude, listen to me. Last season was a shortened season, and Lynn was so phenomenal for the Rangers that his name was briefly mentioned in the talk of Cy Young. More interesting, however, was its commercial value when it appeared at its peak of the season. The Rangers made offers for Lynn, never got what they wanted, and then waited until the off-season. During the 2020 season, Lynn had 2 years left on his contract, which means 2021 will be the final year of his contract, which he is likely to end with the White Sox in Chicago.

Now the focus is on Gibson, who is 3-0 with this 2.16 ERA. By comparison, Lynn had an ERA below 2.00 in his first 8 games last season and had just given up 11 earned runs in 56 innings. Gibson has only given up 3 deserved runs in his last 5 starts and scored 26 strikeouts with an ERA of 0.82 which is insane.

Gibson has obviously done great for the Rangers after the terrible opening day fiasco. His last win was against the Red Sox, where he made 6 innings and allowed only 1 deserved run against a tough Boston line-up. But it’s what Gibson has been doing since opening day that has big-eyed Rangers fans.

It’s premature, but Gibson could be of tremendous value if he continues down this path into June and July for the near future. The return for Lance Lynn was Avery Weems and Dane Dunning, Dunning was a former top 5 prospect for the White Sox and now part of the current pitching staff.

Kyle Gibson isn’t the same type of pitcher as Lynn, or nearly as good. But Gibson offers veteran experience along with control of his contract through 2022. He won’t be picking the same amount as Lynn, but he would pick up a few AA prospects if he continues at this pace.

The 2021 season is still young, but if Gibson continues to produce for the Rangers it could become a valuable trading item for that team. Only time will tell if he can hold the same worth that Lance Lynn had for her in 2020.


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