The 2: 3 defeat against the Detroit Red Wings on Thursday evening should make it. The Dallas Stars keep losing games they should win, and fans are fed up with it. This recent loss to the Detroit Red Wings shows that the stars are finding more ways to lose than opportunities to win. They sound like a broken record that refuses to change the melody. Now they are in a race with the Chicago Blackhawks for 4th and final place in the Central Division in the playoffs. Any temporary loss removes them further from a playoff point. Control of their destiny is important and still one of the cards in their abbreviated deck.

They got a badly needed point in the 3-1 deficit with 2:06 in the 3rd period against the Blitz. Jamie Benn and Alexander Radulov scored a goal to level the game. Your lovely, overtime friend came and went. Another OTL / SOL was added to their file. Reaching more than 1 point is a necessity in order to move forward.

It’s embarrassing to lose to the Red Wings considering they dominated the game. 40-21 star shots weren’t enough to prevent a 9-10-7 record. Jake Oettinger had an odd 4-1-6 record before last night. He was the shining star in the lineup. Creating a playoff spot is still not out of the question.

Thanks to 3 defeats in a row at Blackhawks, the Stars are still 8 points behind with 5 games. Stopping losing should be the primary goal for this team. They give too many points to other teams, especially the Blackhawks.

A team that only plays great 5 minutes a night rarely wins. The stars show flashes of brilliance in their play, but their persistence or lack of it is a problem. You play pretty much losing hockey. Playing from behind all the time is not the way to go, and their record in games when they lag after the 1st or 2nd period shows this.

Fans are getting nervous with this final loss. The lack of playoffs after moving into the Stanley Cup final is an interesting conversation. They do just enough each week to squeak by posting a post mortem about the season. You need three wins this week to prevent this from happening. The fate of the franchise lies ahead of us in the next few weeks.

Patrick Smith

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